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Gearbox Planetary Kecil

A Small Planetary Gearbox is a versatile piece of mechanical equipment that can be used for a variety of purposes. There are many advantages of using a Small Planetary Gearbox. Aside from its efficiency, a Small Planetary Gearbox has the added advantage of being portable and low-cost.

The comparatively compact size and lightweight construction of mini planetary gearboxes make planetary gearing an excellent choice for many different applications. It is especially beneficial if you’re worried about space or weight, or if you’re looking to maximize torque output. It is important to know the inner workings of a Small Planetary Gearbox, as there are more complex parts than you might initially imagine. The more details you know about how it’s constructed, the easier it will be to understand its functionality.

Depending on the gearbox’s application, you can customize the size and torque of mini planetary gearboxes. For example, a wheel drive planetary gearbox can be customized to produce up to 332,000 N.m of torque. And the system’s components can be combined over a single housing, which can optimize the size of the gearbox. Whether the gearbox is used for domestic or industrial purposes, it is likely to perform well in a variety of environments.

Gearbox Planetary Kecil

How does a Small Planetary Gearbox Work?

A planetary gearbox refers to a gear system in which a number of ‘planet’ gears rotate around a central ‘sun’ gear. Typically, a planet carrier is powered by the insight torque which rotates the planets around a fixed outer ring (sometimes known as the annulus). This in turn drives sunlight gear which then provides the output torque. However, there are examples of the other combinations, such as the sun gear being fixed and the ring providing output torque.

The main benefit of planetary gearboxes is their high power transmission efficiencies. Typically this could be around just 3% per stage. Further to this, the high efficiency is definitely delivered despite the compact style giving a big torque to size/weight ratio. A few of this is thanks to the load sharing that occurs over the multiple planet gears.

Gearbox Planetary Kecil Gearbox Planetary Kecil

Small Planetary Gearbox Advantages

When it comes to size and flexibility, Small Planetary Gearboxes are an excellent choice. The compact unit is lightweight and easy to transport, and it’s available with an output shaft that’s standardized to DIN 5480. Its low inertia and low noise levels make it an ideal choice for many dynamic applications. A Small Planetary Gearbox may be a small and easy-to-use option for your next project.

  • 1. Space-saving: right-angle gearboxes with spiral bevel gears. If needed, we can position the motor at 90 degrees to the gearbox to save space.
  • 2. High rigidity and high torque: High rigidity and high torque are achieved by cage-free needle roller bearings.
  • 3. High load capacity: Can be mounted on most motors in the world.
  • 4. No grease leakage: a perfect solution for using high viscosity anti-separation grease.
  • 5. Maintenance-free: The unit does not require grease replacement. Can be installed in any position.

Why Choose Our Mini Planetary Gearbox?

The reasons for choosing our mini planetary gearbox are many. Besides their compact size, these gearboxes feature increased torque, smooth back-drivability, and low mass inertia. Check more information in the following and feel free to contact us if you are interested in our mini planetary gearboxes wholesale or if you want to customize your planetary gearboxes.

Compact Ukuran

The planetary gearbox is a simple, efficient way to transmit high torques from one source to another. It is compact and lightweight, and its multiple gears ensure low backlash and a quiet running environment. These gearheads are made of stainless steel and aluminum, and we also support the circular economy of plastics and invest in chemical recycling. Developed for compact size and lightweight construction, the mini planetary gearhead is a great solution for any small machine that requires high torque and minimal backlash.

This compact design is an advantage for space-constrained applications. Its multiple teeth engage in one rotation, allowing for high-speed reduction with small gears. Its smaller gears have low inertia, making it ideal for use in robotic applications. This gearbox can be energized by a variety of power sources, including electric, hydraulic, and diesel engines. The compact size of mini planetary gearboxes makes them a good choice for space-constrained applications.

Increased Torque

The HZPT Mini Gearheads are equipped with an all-steel gear train, stainless steel housing, and aluminum front and rear flanges. Precision-machined, these components enable the Mini Gearheads to accept high input speeds and deliver high torques with minimal backlash. While small step motors are popular for space-saving applications, they often do not provide enough torque to meet the needs of demanding applications. Our Mini Planetary Gearheads offer high torques and improved inertia matching while minimizing the backlash.

Compared to fixed axis gear systems, a mini Planetary Gearbox has many advantages. Its compact size allows it to function more efficiently while minimizing heat and noise emissions. Moreover, the multiple planets help in enhancing torque density and load capacity, thereby increasing the economic efficiency of the drive train. It is easy to use and can be easily incorporated into your existing system. Choosing the right gearbox for your application is important, as this device can be used in any vehicle.

Power-to-weight Ratio

The compact design of the mini Planetary Gearbox is designed to improve the power-to-weight ratio. Its unique design also allows the transmission of energy efficiently, while ensuring that the internal components remain compact. Small, lightweight planetary gearboxes are ideal for automated guided vehicles. Often, these vehicles carry bulky warehouse products, so compact internal components are essential for efficient transmission of energy. In addition to using miniature planetary gearboxes, many automated guided vehicles also use brushless motors, which offer greater heat dissipation and lower operating temperatures. Other types of motors are available, including servo and stepper motors.

The thin-walled ring gears are designed to minimize the weight of the mini Planetary Gearbox. The three and six-planet variants have a positive effect on the Power-to-weight ratio, as measured using a torque meter. They also exhibit improved performance when the number of planets is increased. The torque-to-weight ratio of the mini Planetary Gearbox is also higher than that of conventional gearboxes.

Desain Rugged

A mini planetary gearbox is an extremely compact, rugged, and versatile design. It is available in different sizes, and can be mounted in line, at an angle, or on a shaft. They feature oversized bearings and Oldham-style couplings to connect the sun gears. Unlike some other gearboxes, these can be configured to meet the exact size and rigidity requirements of any application.

A mini planetary gearbox is made of a sturdily constructed gearcase and a planet carrier. The planet carrier and output attachment plate are supported by a central stationary shaft. The gears rotate around their axes, and the number of teeth on each gear determines the rate of rotation. The sun gear has N s teeth, while the planet gears have N p teeth. Because the number of teeth in each gear determines its speed, the rate of rotation is equal to N s – N p.

Gearbox Planetary Mini Gearbox Planetary Mini