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Rantai & Sprocket Terbaik Item # 81XHH 2.609″ Rantai Pitch Sidebar Lurus Dengan Kualitas Tinggi Harga jual murah biaya dekat toko saya Ukuran rol kustom diperbolehkan

We EPG group – the famous and biggest Chain and sprocket manufacturer in China. We provide you with most types of industry chains, agricultural chains, conveyor chains, related sprockets, etc……..

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Best Chain & Sprocket Item # 81XHH 2.609

EPG Quality and credit are the bases that make a corporation alive. a specialized supplier of a full range of chains, sprockets, gears, gear racks, V-belts, couplings, and reducers, PTO shaft, agricultural gearboxes….ISO 9001:2000 certified. Stocking distributor of power transmission products including roller & multiple strand roller chains. Products also include brakes, drive components, gears, torque limiters, U-joints, pulleys, sheaves, encoders, belt drives, clutches & motors are also available. Class Bushed Roller Steel Chain offers high strength and long wear and is manufactured for heavy-duty operation under severe conditions. This chain is made according to manufacturers’ standards and may be interchanged with the standard bushed roller chain of other manufacturers.

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SpecificationsApplications Served


81XHH rantai




Diameter Pin (E)



Lebar Keseluruhan - Berotot (C2)



Lebar Keseluruhan - Dipaku (C1)



H8 dari Sidebar (H)



Diameter Rol (D)



Kepala Pin ke Garis Tengah (J)



Ujung Cottered Pin ke Garis Tengah (K)



Ujung Pin yang Dipaku ke Garis Tengah (L)



Ketebalan Sidebar (T)



Jarak Antar Sidebars (W)



Panjang Bushing (X)



Rata-rata Kekuatan Tertinggi


42,000 lb

Max. Beban Kerja yang Direkomendasikan


2,100 lb

Tautan per 10 ′



Rata-rata W8


4.6 lb / kaki



Baja Karbon, Case Hardened



Baja Karbon, Case Hardened



Baja Karbon, Case Hardened



Baja Karbon, Perlakuan Panas




Aplikasi Dilayani

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asphalt paving car wash citrus processing clean grain and return elevators fertilizer conveying food processing forest products grain handling manure spreaders produce washdown

Advantages and Disadvantages of the  81XHH Roller Chain

If you’re in the market for a new roller chain, you’ve probably wondered whether you should consider a Nitro 81XHH Chain. Listed below are some advantages and disadvantages of this product. If you’re looking for a chain with the highest level of durability and performance, look no further. The Nitro 81XHH Chain is one of the premium quality roller chains available today. It features thick plates, solid rollers, quad-staked pins, and solid bushings. The Nitro 81XHH roller chain is built for high to extreme shock load applications and comes with special lubrication and a hot-dip process. This process gives it superior wear protection and retention to a cold-dipped chain.

81XHH rantai

The 81XHH Chain comes with carbon steel connecting links. The chain is known by other names such as Lumber Conveyor Chain, 8IXHH, Lumber Conveyor A, and 8IXXH. This chain can be used in a wide variety of applications. It is an economical alternative to other types of chains. The following are the important specifications that you should know before buying this chain.

The 81XHH heavy chain is dimensionally equivalent to other chains but features quad-staked rivets. This construction is designed to resist side-loading and shock loads. This chain is a superior choice for heavy-duty applications. Its solid rollers are perfect for high-shock applications, and it offers higher strength than a cold-dipped chain. These advantages mean that you can expect the Nitro 81XHH to provide many years of service, a long lifespan, and excellent performance.

PII’s premium 81XHD Extra Heavy Duty Chain is a high-strength precision roller chain. Its quad-staked pins and Extra-Thick side plates give it the strength needed for heavy-duty conveying applications. The chain is also equipped with heat-treated components and quad staked pins to ensure maximum durability. With these benefits, the Nitro 81XHH chain is one of the most popular chains on the market today.

The 81XHH chain is a steel bushed roller chain with a 2.609-inch pitch. Its 81-inch-long pins are ideal for material-handling applications. It is a common choice in the lumber industry. The 81XHH chain is ideal for many applications, including conveying products. It is also available with chrome pins. If you are considering purchasing a new chain, it is important to ensure it has a strong inner roller.

81X chain

Whether you need chain to move lumber or to make a paper machine, the 81XHH Chain by Renold Jeffrey is a great choice. This chain is designed to withstand extreme pressures and is ideal for a variety of applications. These chains are available in a variety of sizes and have a 2.609-inch chain pitch. Read on to learn more about this chain and its benefits. Listed below are just a few of its benefits.

Designed for high-shock loads, the 81XHH Chain features solid rollers, quad staked pins, and 5/16″ thick plates. It is made of premium quality and features a lubricant that is pre-applied during the manufacturing process. Compared to cold-dipped chains, Nitro 81XHH Chains have better wear protection and higher retention than conventional roller chains. The Nitro 81XHH Chain is a great choice for any application where high-shock loads are common.

rantai 81XH

81XH chain is a heavy-duty roller chain that is manufactured using thicker link plates. It is also built with solid bushings, quad-staked alloy pins, and quad-staked rollers. This heavy-duty chain is ideal for applications with moderate to high shock loads. Its improved features are built into the chain, as it is pre-lubricated with a special lubricant during the hot-dip process. This lubricant increases the durability of the chain and provides better wear protection.

81XH heavy-duty chain is dimensionally equivalent to other chains. Its quad-staked rivets offer increased side-load and shock resistance. It is the ideal choice for applications involving high-output lumber. The chain’s smooth side-split feature protects lumber and prevents the build-up of dust in the chain mechanism. The steel used to manufacture this chain has been processed by a computer-controlled heat treatment process to increase its strength and durability.

EPG offers three types of 81XH chains, including 81XHH chains. It is manufactured by a company with 130 years of experience in designing high-quality chain products for industries such as lumbering, forestry, and sawmill. Its durability, ease of maintenance, and flexibility make it a popular choice for many users. The chain’s design also increases efficiency, reducing maintenance costs and extending product life.

Besides offering a high degree of wear resistance, the 81XH chain also provides improved dimensional accuracy. Its link plate is secured with a press-fit or spin rivet, and the chain is independently tested to meet the requirements of ISO 9001. It is available in lengths ranging from 125 feet to 600 feet in reels. These conveyor chains come with solid rollers, cold-forged bushings, and increased sidebar clearance. They can be made with custom spacing according to the specifications of the users.

Best Chain & Sprocket Item # 81XHH 2.609

Best Chain & Sprocket Item # 81XHH 2.609

Best Chain & Sprocket Item # 81XHH 2.609